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The main cause is because You don't have the appropriate software installed. BAM!.. Simple as that. For example if You are trying to open .xls files and You can't , most likely You don't have Microsoft Excel installed. If You have the right software installed and still can't open the files, then it's a totally different story.....Read on to find out what are other possible causes that might keep you from opening your files.

If you can't open/run files while having the correct software installed chances are you are experiencing registry problems. To prevent further corruption of registry error pile ups that slow down your PC, it is recommended that this errors should be fixed immediately. Not repairing this kind of errors can lead to system crashes, blue screens, and hardware failure. Don't waste any more time, use the Speedy PC tool and your computer will be humming in less than 2 minutes. 

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  • 12 Open/Repair files!
  • check Optimize and Increase PC Performance up to 150% !
  • check Windows Xp (32 Bit) and Vista (32 & 64 Bit) Compatible
  • check Clean Empty Registry Keys
    check Remove and Prevent any Windows Crashes
    check Eliminate Computer Slowdowns
    check Internet Explorer Manager .
    12 Organize Windows Startup Items!

Why Do File Errors Happen?

There's actually a number of reasons why these annoying file problems happen, but the number one reason is caused by new programs installed over old ones and the old ones are not 100% completely uninstalled, causing registry pile ups and of course, file error messages. Another reason, is damage that's been done by malware programs, attaching themselves to your PC and wrecking havoc, deleting crucial files and programs from your PC. You should always be aware of what programs are running on your computer, Speedy PC not only repairs, fine tunes, and optimizes your pc, but also gives you maximum control over start up programs and others running in the background without having to know all the technical jargon to do it. Speedy PC can be used to repair all of your computer's missing or broken files and repair any registry or errors your PC has. Speedy PC looks over your computer's registry and repairs the following: Internet Explorer errors, ActiveX errors, Javascript and scripting errors, C++ errors, EXE/ DLL/ OCX/ INF/ VXD errors and more. Not to mention, fine tune your computer for maximum performance...

Why Use Speedy PC?

Speedy PC empowers users to fix an error-ridden PC themselves—all without compromising security or peace of mind. By isolating registry errors, Speedy PC supplies professional PC optimization, certified to work on every Windows Platform. Use Speedy PC's advanced error detection to seek out duplicated registry entries, corrupt paths or outdated shortcuts. Then use its easy, one-click repair to summarily delete registry errors, all in under two minutes!
As a matter of fact, we are so confident that you will be completely satisfied how your PC runs after using Speedy PC that you will always come back and use ParetoLogic's products. Below are some of the features and benefits of the internet's top registry cleaner (+ 60 mil. users), Speedy PC :

Backup and Restore
Speedy PC offers you peace of mind with its backup and restore features. If you are using Vista or Windows XP, there are two ways for you to protect against accidents: system restore points and backup files. Meanwhile, if you are using Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98 (SE) or Windows ME, every time you remove a registry item a backup file is created.

Program Shortcuts
Incorrect program shortcuts can cause headaches! They could cause applications to take longer to launch or even stop them from working at all. Speedy PC finds and removes these incorrect shortcuts and improves your PC’s performance.

Built-In Scheduler
With Speedy PC’s scheduling feature, you can just tell it when you want it to do its job, sit back and relax. You can set it to scan at system startup or assign it to work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can even set up more than one schedule.

Invalid Class Keys and Shell Extensions
Non-working class keys and shell extensions can seriously slow down your PC and cause frustrations. Speedy PC scans to find invalid entries and remove them.

Empty Registry Keys
Useless registry keys have no value and actually are detrimental as they can clog up and slow down your system. Speedy PC sweeps away this mess.

Automatic or Manual Repair
You can let Speedy PC do all the work as this sophisticated registry cleaner can automatically scan for and repair problems. There is also the option to take the power into your hands and manually guide the repair process.

Organizing Windows Startup Items
By letting Speedy PC manage your Startup items, you can easily improve the startup speed of our PC. You can choose which programs you wish to launch when your computer starts and you can stop unneeded software from starting automatically. As well, Speedy PC will find and delete missing programs in the startup area of the Windows registry. These missing items can cause countless problems.

Shows Scan Progress
You never have to wonder what Speedy PC is doing! With an easy-to-use interface, Speedy PC shows you exactly what is going on.

Removes Invalid DLL Entries
Have you been to “DLL hell?” If not, you are lucky. Invalid entries in the dynamic link library section of the registry can cause frustrating application failures. Speedy PC restores and repairs the registry and keeps you out of DLL hell.

Easy to Customize
You can easily set up Speedy PC to work for your needs. It can scan only the items you want or you can establish and manage an “ignore list” so that Speedy PC will not scan for certain items.

Fix File Error With Speedy PC


To avoid any further damage to your PC it is essential to repair all of these errors. Note: trying to repair manually registry related errors, puts your computer at risk for complete system failure. In this scenario, we advise you to contact a PC technician. For instant and automated Registry repair we strongly recommend the featured solution. Whatever the case might be, this tool helps you indentify and repair file related errors.

Speedy PC is a respected---well known---used by 60 million, award winning application we whole heartedly reccommend to safely optimize and repair your file extensions related errors. It is owned by Paretologic LLC, a leader in the industry, member of BBB and Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).

Accreditations:Speedy PC.3rdparty

Speedy PC.3rdparty

Speedy PC accreditation

100% Safe Secure

RegCure is Microsoft Gold Certified


"Wow thank you. My computer actually works now, the first time I ran Speedy PC it found 1035 errors, my computer barely functioned at all now it functions like new. Thank you for saving my sanity!"

Nathan Stahl

"WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference. My PC seems like it is supercharged now. I will recommend your product to my friends. Great software !!!"

J. Stokes

"I am a newly registered customer of Speedy PC. Just a word to say thank you for your excellent 'Scan, Repair and Optimise' programme (Aussie spelling!)"

John Williamson

"Speedy PC is a great product, on our old machine it took around 10 - 12 minutes to restart the machine, after running Speedy PC it does it in 3-4 minutes - almost as fast as when new, what a terrific product you people have, it does everything as promised."

Neil Frihart

"It was truly refreshing to deal with a company that treats their customers like people! Concerning the ParetoLogic software Speedy PC and XoftSpySE I have been using both programs on my business PC daily for approximately one year. Prior to downloading the ParetoLogic software I used many other similar programs and none of them can compare to the superiority of the ParetoLogic products. In end, I appreciate all of your assistance today and recommend to anyone they will make the right decision when purchasing any ParetoLogic products."

Dragos W McDonald

"The customer service was excellent , I am more than willing to allow my comments to be heard to other customers and look forward to keeping Speedy PC on my computer in the future. It is a life saver, really easy to use, my annoying pop ups have really gone, recommended to everyone."

Susan Cooper

"Thank you - Nero scout was the culprit - It looks if my NMindexStr problems are solved. I will tell my friends about Speedy PC and your good after sale service."

Greetings from South Africa - Mossel bay

Philip Jacobs

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